Plaid politicians express concerns over Llanbrynmair speeding

Local Plaid Cymru politicians have renewed calls for the Welsh Government to do more to address concerns regarding dangerous driving along the A470 through Llanbrynmair village.  

The call follows new data released by the Welsh Government at the request of Cefin Campbell MS, Plaid Cymru regional Member of the Senedd for Mid & West Wales, confirming the area had witnessed 8 recorded road accidents between 2011 and 2021.  

Following the release of data, Cefin Campbell MS, together with local Plaid Cymru councillors, has written to the Welsh Government and Dyfed-Powys Police calling for measures to better consider local concerns regarding speeding in the area.   

Currently the A470 through the village is subject to a 40mph speed limit – however there have been longstanding calls from the local community for this limit to be decreased.   

In their letter to Dyfed Powys-Police and Welsh Government’s Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS, Plaid Cymru have pressed for greater speed monitoring in the village - with the hope this could help validate longstanding calls to reduce the speed limit, as well as consideration of further traffic calming measures.   

Gary Mitchell, Plaid Cymru County Councillor for Llanbrynmair and Trefeglwys ward, said:  

“Since my election to the County Council in May, concerns regarding dangerous driving and speeding through Llanbrynmair have regularly been brought to my attention by residents and Llanbrynmair Community Council.   

As well as these recorded incidents, many residents have informed me of close calls from speeding or reckless drivers. This is particularly concerning when considering the high number of pedestrians and school children travelling along and across the road, as well as the many entrances to businesses and properties throughout the village.” 

I hope the Welsh Government, together with Dyfed-Powys Police will be able to review these concerns further, and act accordingly to safeguard the local community.”  

Elwyn Vaughan, Plaid Cymru leader on Powys County Council, and County Councillor for neighbouring Glantwymyn ward added:  

“There have been longstanding concerns regarding speeding along the A470 in Llanbrynmair, which have long fallen on deaf ears. I hope the Welsh Government, together with Dyfed-Powys can work together to reassess and address these worries.”   

Cefin Campbell MS, Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for Mid & West Wales concluded: 

"The Welsh Government are currently undertaking a far-reaching review into speed restrictions - it's vital that areas alongside well-traversed roads, such as Llanbrynmair, are included in this work."  

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