Welsh Wool championed at Senedd

Politicians from all parties came together to celebrate the immense potential of Welsh wool in a special event at the Senedd on Tuesday 15th November 2022.  

Organised by the Welsh Wool Alliance and sponsored by Plaid Cymru’s Cefin Campbell MS, the event, entitled “Wool – the new Welsh Gold”, showcased a range of projects & commercial opportunities for the sector including demonstrating how Welsh Wool is being spun into gold, alongside innovative textiles, insulation, horticultural technologies and packaging.    

The Welsh Wool Alliance is a coalition of projects, individuals, businesses and enterprises which all have an interest in Wool in Wales. They set out to align the passion to map out a conscious commercial future. 

The inclusive umbrella was created by the WWA Strategic Lead Jacqui Pearce and some of the co-founding members were also in attendance at the event, including The Welsh Wool Company, Wool Wales Insulation, Clare Johns Label and Agri Advisor. The event was further supported by leaders from key industry bodies like British Wool, NSA & CLA.  

An announcement was also made during the event of the intention to establish a Senedd Cross party group (CPG) focused entirely on Welsh Wool - which will be used as an opportunity to promote the sector further, after successfully gaining support from all parties in the Senedd.  

Commenting after the event, Jacqui Pearce, Strategic Lead of the Welsh Wool Alliance said:  

“Wales has 3,000 Sheep Farmers and over 70 breeds of sheep (the most diverse clip Globally), and our Welsh Hills produce 3 times more of this sustainable resource per annum that the USA and Canada combined. However, the supporting industry has long been in decline, with the wonders of Welsh Wool misunderstood, underused and undervalued. 

We welcomed the opportunity to present our clear strategic circular vision for the sector, showcasing significant commercial opportunities, redefining Wool as the new Welsh Gold! 

We look forward to continuing our work to reignite the wool circle and deliver Future Facing Heritage, which will drive value to our farmers, businesses and rural communities. On behalf of our members, I was delighted to see so many politicians from all parties express an interest in the immense potential this resource has adding their support to the CPG, which we have advocated for on behalf of the industry. 

Cefin Campbell, Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for Mid & West Wales and sponsor of the event added:  

“I was delighted to sponsor this event and promote the many wonders of wool as an abundant, renewable resource.   

This versatile fibre is closely entwined with the very fabric of our rural communities, and Wales has so much potential to become a global leader in the field. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the Welsh Wool Alliance to ensure that we protect the legacy of Welsh wool, and ensure a forward-looking, sustainable industry.”   

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