Plaid welcome Llandeilo by-pass clarification

Plaid Cymru Members of the Senedd Adam Price MS and Cefin Campbell MS have welcomed clarification by the Welsh Government that the Roads Review announced earlier this week will not include the Llandeilo bypass.

The clarification that the Llandeilo by-pass will not form part of the review was provided by Deputy Minister Lee Waters MS in a letter to Adam Price MS this afternoon (Friday, June 25th).

The Welsh Government had initially agreed to deliver a bypass for Llandeilo during a budget deal agreed with Plaid Cymru in 2017-18, however a number of delays have ensued.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MS Adam Price stated:

“I am pleased that the Welsh Government has provided this clarification. Plaid Cymru has long argued that a bypass is vital for Llandeilo. There is a desparate need to address the unacceptably high air pollution levels and the street safety issues within the town.

“The Welsh Government agreed to deliver the Llandeilo bypass following an agreement with Plaid Cymru back in 2016, and we fully expect the terms of that agreement to be delivered.

“The people of Llandeilo have been campaigning for a bypass for over fifty years and numerous promises have been made over a number of years to local residents.

“We have already suffered delays to the project due to a plethora of consultations, and Covid of late, and it would have been unfair of the Welsh Government to have broken the promise made in 2016.”

Mid and West Wales MS Cefin Campbell stated:

“The case for a bypass in Llandeilo has long been won in my view.

“We cannot continue with a situation where residents and visitors to Llandeilo are having to suffer high air pollution levels and of having to endure heavy lorries and buses mounting the pavements along the narrow streets.

“It is time for the Welsh Government to move forward without further delay to deliver this key project.”


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