Plaid Cymru call for Welsh Government fairness in Newtown bypass land purchase

Plaid Cymru MS Cefin Campbell and Plaid’s Elwyn Vaughan have called on the Welsh Government to compensate landowners fairly in Newtown who have lost land to the bypass.

The Welsh Government subjected the land to a Compulsory Purchase Order in order to deliver the scheme, but landowners say that the price that they have been offered for the land is below market value – despite the road being opened two years ago.

Cefin Campbell MS and Elwyn Vaughan met with landowners recently, and have committed to supporting landowners to gain a fair price for the land.

Cefin Campbell stated:

“It cannot be right that landowners in Newtown have still not been compensated fairly for the construction of the bypass..

“When schemes such as this, which are of regional or national importance, are developed by Government then there is a duty to ensure that those landowners who have been forced to give up land are not left out of pocket.

“I am of the firm view that the price that has been offered by the Welsh Government is not reflective of land prices locally.

“Independent land valuations commissioned by land owners, and a compilation of sales data from comparable land locally shows that the price offered is too low.

“I have therefore written to the Welsh Government urging Ministers to do all that they can to ensure that a fair price is achieved without the need for legal proceedings.”


Elwyn Vaughan stated:

“It has been two years since the Newtown bypass was opened. It is totally unfair that landowners are still awaiting payment for land taken to build the road.

“It is not just and it is not fair. It continues to cause stress and strain on many families.

“The Welsh Government have a duty of care to these landowners and should do the right thing and offer a fair market value price for the land.”

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